Cashier-less store coming to IL

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The company opened an Amazon Go store in Seattle in January and has another store planned for San Francisco.

Now there is only one Amazon Go store: a small space located in the base of one of its Seattle skyscrapers that opened to the public in January. That news comes from the fact that the internet retail giant has listed Amazon Go store manager positions for Chicago and San Fransisco on its jobs site. All they need to do is scan their Go app once when they enter, and, well, that's it.

Amazon has had its mind on these stores for years, according to Forbes' Ryan Mac, who said the company has researched the easiest way to let people pay without the need to speak with a cashier. Overhead cameras keep track of what a customer buys and charges them after they leave, the Tribune said.

Amazon Go, Amazon's cashierless convenience store, is coming to San Francisco and Chicago. In February, real-estate tracker Curbed took note of a building permit for construction of a 625-square-foot Amazon store in Chicago's Loop district. If the item is placed back on the shelf, it is removed from the virtual cart.

Interested to know what it's like to shop at an Amazon Go store? The retailer confirmed the news after recently putting up an ad seeking for store managers for outlets in both cities. So much so that some visitors boast of being able to go in, grab lunch and be out in under a minute. The expansion was mentioned earlier this year, with a total of six new stores set to arrive this year. But curiosity also followed when Amazon opened its first bookstore in 2016.

Their account will be charged once they leave the store. But with time that could change, making the possibility of a true revolution in the way we interact with brick and mortar stores something the retail world might have to contend with in the not too distant future.