Son crashes marriage proposal in Michigan by peeing behind couple's back

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Kevin Przytula planned to propose to his girlfriend, Allyssa, over the weekend in Bay City, Michigan.

However, little did she know that as she was saying "yes" and hugging and kissing her new fiancé at Bay City's Ring of Friendship sculpture, her adorable son, Owen, has made a decision to drop his trousers and take a pee in the background.

Przytula's 11-year-old daughter Kayleigh Przytula caught the genuine moment on video. Just as he pulled out the engagement ring, Owen dropped his trousers.

Allyssa Anter got a huge surprise on Saturday, May 12, when Przytula popped the big question.

Allyssa Anter says her son "stole the show", and acknowledges his potty training is a work in progress.

A MI boy found a way to make his mark on the occasion of his mother's marriage proposal.

The couple began potty-training Owen a month ago, and are trying to teach him that he can not relieve himself in public places. Finally, Przytula turned around and realized what Owen was up to.

As the original video was removed by Facebook.

Since the video was posted to Facebook on Saturday, it garnered over 56,000 views.

"We went and got ice cream the other day and he did it in the parking lot there".