Poor People's Campaign rallies downtown, 10 arrested

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Glover asked those in attendance to support teachers and other unionized employees, frequently recounting Dr. Martin Luther King's work alongside impoverished people.

Poor People's Campaign conducted what they called civil disobedience in downtown Indianapolis on Monday, May 14, 2018 to highlight the way veterans, children, women, teachers and others are being treated. This afternoon's inaugural event, near the steps of the Statehouse, will focus on child poverty, women in poverty and people with disabilities. "We want Governor Dayton to veto the bill".

The Poor Individuals's Marketing campaign: A Nationwide Name for Ethical Revival mentioned in a press release Monday that the Rev. William Barber and the Rev. Liz Theoharis, its two co-chairmen, had been arrested outdoors the U.S. Capitol.

Protesters from a group calling itself "The Poor People's Campaign" were accused of unlawfully assembling on Senate and Sumter streets in Columbia, Monday.

"No justice, no peace" were among the chants that came from what police estimated were 50 protesters. The Michigan Poor People's Campaign launched at the state Capitol. This year's national campaign will culminate in a March on Washington as well, scheduled for June 23.

As a result of the protest, 16 people were arrested by Hartford Police.

Abandoned by his parents after he was born, Steven Suffridge said he had been homeless for seven out of the last 17 years and has not been able to make a proper living.

Across the country, people are joining in on the push to do more for the people in need.

At the end of those 40 days, the organization said, on June 23, people from MA and across the country will gather for a mass mobilization at the United States Capitol in Washington.