Phone explosion caught on camera in Las Vegas store

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The video, first given to Las Vegas TV station KTNV and then passed along to ABC News, shows the iPhone, in for a screen fix, not charging and lying to the left of an employee who was working on another device. The employee is a few feet away and tries to move away from the handset as it continues to burn.

As Mashable reports, another possible scenario was that the iPhone was left in the heat for too long, causing battery damage.

The store is not being identified.

Anyone who owns an electronic device with a battery inside should know by now that if damaged, and sometimes for no reason at all, batteries can overheat and burst into flames. The video shows a worker sitting nearby, working on another phone, when the device exploded.

The biggest issue he sees the temperatures rise into the triple digits in Las Vegas are the cracked screens from the warped batteries. He says that phones should be kept out of direct sunlight during the summer.

Tartaglio also recommends people use replacement batteries directly from the phone's manufacturer saying they are often more reliable than aftermarket batteries and typically aren't any more expensive. Failing to heed his warnings can result in shorter battery life, and in the worse case scenario, an explosion.