Lewis Hamilton Wins the 2018 Spanish GP — Twitter Reacts

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This was the first time this year that Mercedes had dominated a weekend.

Lewis Hamilton won his second race of the season at Spanish GP.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel could manage only fourth after his team took a second pitstop for the German behind the virtual safety vehicle that lost him track position. And it contained some concerning signs for Ferrari.

Could Max Verstappen have won the race?

"He was solidly in the lead in Melbourne and suddenly he was behind the Ferrari". Ferrari clearly had more problems than Mercedes making them last, however, but Vettel was not making excuses.

How did Mercedes turn it around?

"He was doing more or less the same [lap times]".

The team principal, Toto Wolff, stressed the importance of the race for Hamilton. We got the qualifying right yesterday, but the temperatures were going up and down today, clouds were coming over and we didn't know if it was going to rain or not.

Ferrari have had the best auto so far this year, but Spain marked a turning point with Mercedes dominating throughout the weekend.

Nevertheless, Hamilton definitely made a decisive personal step forward in Spain.

Despite the Ferrari driver's fresher tyres, and the fact that Verstappen had damaged his front wing when he hit the rear of Lance Stroll's lapped Williams at the VSC restart, Vettel was unable to dislodge the Dutchman from the final step of the podium.

Hamilton, however, remained strong on his original soft rubber and maintained his pace out front.

It was the 64th victory of his career - only Michael Schumacher on 91 has more - and came from his 74th pole. "A 1-2 for the team", Hamilton said.

"I kept going. It was not bad".

"It was very close in qualifying, but very happy", he said.

But despite his growing confidence and an increased "synergy" with the auto, Hamilton was careful not to overstate the significance of his second successive win. However it came about.

"It is definitely a great, great feeling and I think you could probably see form my energy when I got out the auto".

"For us it was not an option to stay out", Vettel said. "It feels nice to be on the podium and nice to have a good, clean race".

Grosjean's spin and crash were being investigated by the race stewards after the race. There were several theories floated for that. The team has worked so hard to understand how the vehicle and the tyres work.

But his emphatic win on Sunday, when he and Mercedes appeared to have rediscovered the form of past triumphant seasons, may be seen as a major turning point for all concerned. "P7 for us is really pole position", Magnussen said.

"In the next few days there will be meetings and we don't know if the same tyres will be used in France and Britain".

"This was definitely the closest it's been to some of the performances we had a year ago". But there was no proof of that. "We still need to add performance to the auto throughout the year, so that's what we're going to be continuing to be working on". Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) + 27.584, 5. "We were not quick enough". We just need to continue like that - and for me also. "I think Red Bull will really be strong and Ferrari was on the pole past year". It capped off a disappointing afternoon for Ferrari, who saw Kimi Raikkonen retire after suffering a loss of power with a brand new engine which had been fitted to his vehicle on Saturday morning.

"We do talk about it and we are not far away from finishing things. It is important these days to understand why and then you look back and understand what is missing in the preparation to the race". "Ferrari looked to be sandbagging [until this afternoon] because they could", he added. We had a vehicle with a winning pace.

"We did 47 laps with that set of tyres, which was quite risky, but it brought the result for us".

"Probably in the short term, we all had updates for this race".

"But why find excuses? And our tyres did not last as long as others".

"The will to win this championship is greater than it has ever been", he warned.