Google has renamed its cloud service Drive

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The company has launched new set of plans nicknamed Google One which offer you more storage. Google One will also allow you to share your storage with up to five family members and everyone will get their own private storage. For the unaware, the Google Drive paid plans in India start at Rs 130 per month for 100GB, and the 30TB storage option is priced at Rs 19,500 per month. Meanwhile, Google is also adding a $2.99 plan that gives you 200 GB of storage, which might be a solid option for people who are simply running out of space but don't feel like shelling out $120 a year.

Google is retooling and rebranding its consumer cloud storage plans.

Google today announced it is revamping its cloud storage and renaming Google Drive to Google One. Everyday consumers are looking for additional storage beyond the (often low) free offerings of companies in the space, and Google One is a big step by the Mountain View, California-based company.

Google One is Google's new paid storage service.

Ever since the Google I/O 2018 concluded, the company has been hard at work introducing new features to its services. Google apparently wants you to entice your family to join One-but without the dread of having to handle the infamous "family support calls" as a result. Or subscribers can choose a 2TB plan, which is now $9.99 a month.

Secondly, Google One will be covering "a lot of other Google products too". This further brings "access to extras" from certain of its products, like offers on select hotels that appear on Search, or credits on Google Play.

"More and more, we rely on the internet for ways to safely store the things that matter-making life simpler and less cluttered". US customers will be the first to see the changes, with a global expansion occurring afterwards. Users will receive an email confirming their upgrade to Google's new service. Additionally every Google account will continue to get free unlimited photos - to be clear this has no impact on the storage allowance.