Boston Celtics Top 15 Draft Picks of All Time

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The upcoming draft lottery is a great time to look back at that history, and see the kind of talent the Celtics have gotten out of the draft in the past. This pick has been in the cards for a while now since Sam Hinkie traded Michael Carter-Williams to Milwaukee during the 2014-15 season.

The Sixers are expected to have two first-round picks - Nos.

Where they draft will affect how much they pay those players, because of the rookie pay scale, and thus how much money they'll have available to spend on free agents. The Lakers' pick goes to Philadelphia or Boston, depending on where it falls. Philly received the No. 1 pick for the No. 3 choice and a 2018 or 2019 projected pick.

Nevertheless, the Celtics will be represented at the lottery, just in case. The Celtics would take whichever one is more favorable, unless one of those picks is the first overall.

There are 1,000 four-digit combinations (technically 1,001, but one gets thrown out) divided amongst the 14 lottery teams in random order. Since then, their lottery picks have consisted of a mixed bag of Victor Oladipo, Aaron Gordon, Mario Hezonja, Domantas Sabonis and Jonathan Isaac. They've got a 5.3 percent chance a at the top selection with a little better 18.3 percent shot at a Top Three pick. The team will have an 8.4 percent chance of receiving the seventh pick and a 0.4 percent chance of receiving the eighth pick. It has 1.3 and 1.6 percent chances of falling second and third, respectively.

"We are really looking at all facets of the draft", Colangelo said of the Lakers' pick. We will have plenty of time to examine which player the Mavs should pick but first, the team has to find out where it will pick.