Boss Key Productions Closing, Radical Heights Servers Remain Online

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In a statement made earlier today on Twitter, Cliff Bleszinski announced that Boss Key productions would be shutting down. The news comes by way of a tweet from Bleszinski's personal account, where he ran down some of the reasons behind the studio's closure and his thoughts on some of the issues that ended up plaguing their creations. The studio was founded in 2014 by Cliff Bleszinski and Arjan Brussee.

His four-year journey with Boss Key has ended, which mainly has to do with the studio's two games that failed to generate enough attention to sustain themselves.

Despite mostly positive to average reviews, Lawbreakers failed to garner a player base that could reasonably sustain Boss Key's business, capping out during the game's first beta at 7,500 players according to GitHyp, a site that tracks the size of game player bases.

With Gears of War mastermind, Cliff "CliffyB" Bleszinski, on the team, the sky appeared to be the limit for Radical Heights on the back of other BR successes.

Calling Radical Heights a little too late, he explained despite hiring the best talent possible, it hasn't worked out.

Bleszinski said he's going to take some personal time off to reflect and spent time with his aging dog, Teddy. "Please note, that the servers for Radical Heights will remain up for the near future". He also describes Boss Key's Battle Royale shooter Radical Heights as a "last-ditch attempt" to try to get in on the Battle Royale genre and produce a hit. He hopes to make something new again someday but for now, he said he needs to withdraw and "take this time".

The company's initial objective was the creation of a so-called "arena shooter", the project that eventually became "LawBreakers". Together, the duo led development on 2017's LawBreakers and launched Radical Heights just over a month ago.