"Bemused" Uber repeatedly turned down Trump's fixer, Michael Cohen

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The senators questioned the appropriateness of AT&T's dealings with Cohen, given "Mr. Cohen's lack of experience and lack of knowledge about tax reform, antitrust issues, and FCC policy", they wrote in the letter.

Asked about Sadler's comment, a White House official said, "We respect Senator McCain's service to our nation, and he and his family are in our prayers during this hard time". "The first lady announced her anti-cyberbullying program, appealing to people to be kind, which was a little jarring considering this". John McCain's opposition to President Donald Trump's pick for Central Intelligence Agency director by saying Thursday morning that "he's dying anyway", a White House official told CNN.

"That is shocking, but it's also not really surprising", Oliver said.

In Trump's Washington swamp, the shit just keeps getting deeper.

Michael Cohen, the subject of a federal investigation, has come under fire for his successful attempts to profit from his longtime representation of Trump and as his "fixer".

"If you want to understand this president's thinking", Oliver said, "simply have a donkey kick you in the head five times and then watch Fox News for 72 hours straight".

The senators want to know the names of other consultants hired, whether requests were made for contacts between Cohen and Trump, and whether any of the payments ever were received by Trump. I'm the guy you should hire.

In a letter to Cohen, Wyden stated that "the size and timings of these payments, as well as the accusation that Novartis continued the payments because canceling the contract "might have caused anger" to the President, deserve closer examination". I'm his personal lawyer.

"Donald Trump's personal lawyer and a lawyer so sh--y, he made Trump say, 'I need someone good - get me Rudy Giuliani on the phone, '" Oliver joked.

The drug company said it paid $1.2 million to a firm led by Cohen.

Meanwhile, the ranking Democrat on the Senate health and pensions committee, Patty Murray, has also launched an investigation of Novartis paying millions of dollars for apparent access to the Trump administration. "Congratulations, you just got a f*****g masterclass".