Tesla with Autopilot slams into truck; unclear if feature was engaged

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The Tesla drive, according to police, suffered a broken ankle.

The national Council for transport safety is investigating an accident involving a auto Telsa Model S. the Accident occurred in the suburbs of salt lake city with cars, presumably working on the self-driving vehicle system.

Witnesses told South Jordan police that the Tesla "did not brake prior to impact".

The cause of the Friday evening crash, involving a Tesla Model S and a fire department mechanic truck stopped at a red light, was under investigation, said police in South Jordan, a suburb of Salt Lake City. According to the police, the female driver has suffered a a minor injury of broken ankle but auto has undergone heavy damage.

The crash comes as federal safety agencies investigate the performance of Tesla's semi-autonomous driving system.

There was light rain falling and roads were wet when the crash occurred, police said in a statement.

The Tesla Model S was moving at 60 miles per hour when it hit the truck, according to police.

Although the Model S can be driven autonomously, it remains unclear whether the car's autopilot feature was turned on at the time of the crash.

The Autopilot system of Tesla makes use of cameras and computers to regulate the speed, change lanes and automatically stop cars. However, Tesla has warned that drivers must still keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel in order to prevent accidents from taking place.

The Associated sources reported that it is not yet known whether the Autopilot system was engaged in the crash or not, investigations are in process and the National Transportation Safety Board have also been contacted.

Tesla and Waymo did not immediately respond to emailed requests for comment on Sunday. NTSB spokesman Keith Holloway said he did not know whether the agency would get involved.

The NTSB is already investigating two fatal incidents involving Tesla vehicles.