Overwatch anniversary event date and new Junkrat skin revealed

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Following a leak earlier this week, Blizzard has officially announced the launch date and details of Overwatch's two-year anniversary event. Loot box shennanigans not included, I've gotten a lot of playtime out of it.

Finally, Blizzard will offer yet another free weekend for Overwatch that runs May 25-28.

However, it isn't yet known whether these items will be available to buy or if you'll have to be lucky with loot boxes.

So yeah, if you want to experience a bunch of new Overwatch content, get those skins you missed last event, or just try playing the game without having to commit to a purchase, this might well be the event for you.

The most important news however is the expansion of the deathmatch mode - Blizzard promises "placement matches, skill rating tiers, and leaderboards" for the event.

The Overwatch Anniversary Event begins Tuesday, May 22 and will go on until Tuesday, June 12 on all platforms.

The new cosmetic items will include eight new Legendary skins and dance emotes for Doomfist, Moira, and Brigitte (Overwatch's three newest characters). The video shows Junkrat and Roadhog dancing as their skins change which we assume would be the upcoming skins that will be released during the event. Called the Legendary Edition, this version will come with 15 skins in legendary, and epic rarities, including Origin skins (previously exclusive to the Origins Edition). Some of these loot boxes will also be given out for free as well, one for everyone who plays during the event and another if you're willing to spend enough of your own money on the loot boxes.