Nicondra: Mostly dry, increased rain chance mid-week

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The low pressure system is now in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, near the western coast of Florida.

For most of May, high pressure has been centered over the southeast, effectively blocking moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and suppressing thunderstorm development.

The hurricane center said the system is expected to move slowly northward over the next few days, and it could acquire the features of a tropical or subtropical storm as it does.

Regardless of subtropical or tropical cyclone formation, Invest 90L will enhance rainfall across portions of Florida and the northeastern Gulf Coast during the next few days.

The first thing will be rough surf along the beaches and an increase in the rip current risk, according to John Purdy, a lead forecaster at the National Weather Service in Mobile. It remained mostly dry Sunday as high pressure remains in control.

It has a 30 percent chance of forming a cycloneover the next two days and a 40 percent chance over the next five days.

Our rain this week may get a name! So rain chances will be much above normal for the 7-day forecast.

If this area were to become more organized it would likely only become a depression. Since this isn't going to be a strong system it will benefit us since we are in need of some rain.