Lenovo Z5 could be the first truly bezel-free phone

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However, most see it as a stop gap solution until manufacturers can find a way to place all of those powerful cameras and sensors within a display. The Lenovo Z5 is truly all-screen.

The upcoming Lenovo Z5 honestly looks like it gained inspiration from the Vivo APEX and the iPhone X. The phone had a lovely edge-to-edge display with really thin bezels but left out the notch which many Android manufacturers were quick to copy Apple.

Lenovo's Vice President, Chang Cheng recently took to the Chinese social media platform Weibo to announce the brand's upcoming flagship. Therefore, we don't know if there's a notch or a bezel somewhere that makes some space for front-facing sensors. Vivo Apex comes with a pop-selfie camera which pops out when you are clicking pictures with the front camera, this has made Vivo achieve a design for smartphones with ultra-slim bezels.

The device is due in June and Cheng claimed it is the result of "four technological breakthroughs" and "18 patented technologies", but he didn't provide further details.

Whether the Z5 is ready for primetime, or is simply an example of tech Lenovo is still working on remains to be seen. In other words, the handset might not have buttons, physical or otherwise, or a notch for the camera.

Alongside a claim which the telephone would comprise an impressive screen-to-body-ratio of 95 percent.

Could Lenovo be the first company to launch a phone that literally has nothing on its front side except the screen?

Will the iPhone SE 2 have a notch just like the iPhone X?