Cambridge Analytica Breach Appears Inconsequential To Brands

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The social media giant announced the investigation back in March, saying it would investigate all apps that had access to large amounts of user information before it reduced data access in 2014.

As reported by Reuters, so far Facebook has looked into thousands of apps, and naturally it is quite a time consuming process.

The apps were suspended pending a thorough investigation into whether they misused any data, said Ime Archibong, Facebook's vice president of product partnerships.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had announced an app audit on March 22. Now, almost two months later, the social network is giving us an update on that process. "And if we find developers that misused personally identifiable information, we will ban them and tell everyone affected by those apps", he had written in a post explaining the "Cambridge Analytica situation" and the steps that the company was taking to mitigate the situation.

"We are investing heavily to make sure this investigation is as thorough and timely as possible", he adds.

Archibong promised more updates as the investigation progresses.

Communications firms Cambridge Analytica has offices in London, New York, Washington, as well as Brazil and Malaysia. The exact scale of user information that's been taken and shared by Facebook app devlopers since the platform's inception-made possible by leaky and/or poorly enforced app developer policies-may never be known.

This announcement comes prior to a hearing on Wednesday on Capitol Hill that focuses on data privacy and Cambridge Analytica.

This was designed to help them create software that can predict and influence voters' choices at the ballot box. The network says the apps need a variety of information to provide those tools, but in order to ensure that information is necessary, the network will approve any third-party app first before allowing access to the Pages API.