Volkswagen to recall 410000 vehicles over seat belt concerns

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The Volkswagen Group has urged motorists to not use the rear-left seatbelt Polo's and two Seat brands after Finnish magazine finds concerning faults.

Volkswagen say they have redesigned the belt lock fixture and will be recalling all affected vehicles in the coming weeks in order to carry out repairs.

The company advised the owners of such vehicles not to use the middle seat in the rear seat because in some rare cases, for example when changing sharply, having five faces in the auto, the belts can be released on their own. The company has advised that it is better not to use the middle seat lock until the problem is rectified.

Volkswagen and Seat could be about to recall tens of thousands of cars over fears of malfunctioning seatbelts. The customers can book an appointment with the nearest dealer and change the seat belt. Everything will be done free of cost. A spokesman was quoted as saying: 'Volkswagen will provide a technical solution shortly and recall the vehicles concerned.' Meanwhile, Seat issued a statement saying: 'We can confirm, based on our own analysis, that we have identified the seatbelt issue that Tekniikan Maailma has found. At Seat, the 2017 and 2018 models of its Ibiza vehicle and the 2018 model of its Arona vehicle are affected, it said.

The rear-left seatbelt in Volkswagen Polos as well as the Seat Ibiza and Arona have been found to have a potentially unsafe fault, originally reported by Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma. Volkswagen has given LED headlamp for Polo along with new grille and new bumper which gives a sporty look for the hatchback. Overall the design of the new Polo is sporty as compared to the previous-gen model. The side angle reveals the increased length along with new alloy wheels. Volkswagen is expected to launch the new-gen Polo in the Indian market in 2019.