Trump in IN kicks off campaign season

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"We welcomed them back home the proper way", President Trump said.

Though Trump didn't mention the midterm elections until almost 12 minutes into his almost hour-long speech, he largely seemed to hew to his Teleprompters and wove throughout a consistent message that the 2018 elections are pivotal to his and his party's success.

Donnelly, Trump said, will "say one thing in Elkhart" and then support the "radical, liberal agenda".

However he started his practically one-hour speech by touting his administration's most up-to-date achievement, the discharge of three American prisoners free of North Korea, to an enthusiastic crowd of over 7,00zero supporters that chanted "Lock her up!" simply earlier than the rally started.

Later, Trump appeared to take a swipe on the Obama administration for paying for hostages. These hostages got here out with respect. Obama denied the payments were ransom, calling them a transparent matter and pointedly saying, "We do not pay ransom".

For an event billed as a campaign rally, Trump spent much of his speech talking about foreign policy issues, such as the cost of the new embassy in Jerusalem, North Korea negotiations, imposing steel and aluminum tariffs - a policy point that received one of the loudest cheers of the night - and pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence touched down in IN for a rally less than 24 hours after welcoming home three Americans freed by North Korea. And he criticized Donnelly for supporting the Iran nuclear deal forged by President Barack Obama and withdrawn from by Trump this week. "We're placing the harshest most stringent sanctions on Iran".

Trump said he's hopeful he'll be able to put together "a better deal". Joe Donnelly, who faces Republican businessman Mike Braun in one of the most competitive Senate campaigns. "We're gonna make a great deal for the world. for North Korea, for South Korea, Japan, for China".

President Donald Trump speaks at the North Side Gymnasium in Elkhart, Ind., Thursday, May 10, 2018, during a campaign rally. Two days after IN wrapped up a divisive Republican Senate primary, Trump praised a ticket of House and Senate candidates by name and predicted Democrats would dismantle his agenda if Nancy Pelosi, the current House minority leader, became House speaker. Joe Donnelly. Braun beat out two sitting congressmen in a surprise upset.

The president noted that Donnelly had also been a no vote on Obamacare and tax reform - decisions which earned him the nickname "Sleepin' Joe".

"Joe Donnelly will do whatever [Senate Minority Leader] Chuck Schumer and [House Minority Leader] Nancy Pelosi tell him what to do". They do not ask him.

A key to Trump's message will be energizing low-propensity Republican voters in 2018, many of whom turned out for the first time in years to vote for him. But this week, Trump worked with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) to help prevent a controversial candidate from winning the Republican Senate nomination in West Virginia.

"I go bom-bom-bom-bah-bom-bom", said Trump, mimicking the sound of a phone ringing.

"I'm Indiana's hired help in the Senate because I don't work for any president or any political party - I work for Hoosiers, and that will never change", he said.

"And we sold out that arena", Trump recalled of a campaign event he did with Knight.

However after speaking about 2016, Trump moved on to his re-election by debuting his new slogan for 2020: "Maintain America Nice!"

"We are all making America proud. However I do like that", Trump mentioned.