Trump exit from nuke deal won't affect oil industry: Iran

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Iran expects to hear from Airbus (AIR.PA) in the coming days about the fate of an order for 100 planes that looks to have been wrecked by the United States' decision to reinstate sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

"America can not do a damn thing".

In her speech, Mogherini took several shots at Trump, though she did not mention the USA president by name, saying: "This impulse to destroy is not leading us anywhere good".

They chanted, "Mr. Trump you can not do a damn thing", and, "We fight".

"No down payment has been made by Iran to the planemakers for future deliveries", he said.

Moreover, Trump's decision seems to have angered European officials, with Europe set to lose out billions of dollars' worth of trade deals if the Iran sanctions are reimposed.

At the end of May, le Maire will meet British and German finance ministers to also look at "what we can do in response to these United States decisions on extraterritoriality", the minister said, adding that "It is urgent to go from words to deeds".

"Do we want to be vassals who obey decisions taken by the United States while clinging to the hem of their pants?"

At the same time, Mr Le Maire said the European Union would hold talks with Washington on obtaining different rules for European companies trading with Iran.

In a lengthy government statement on Friday, the Iranian government warned that it would take "whatever reciprocal measures it deems expedient" if it is not fully compensated for the US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement as provided for in the accord.

"This is a serious event. It's a UN Security Council Resolution and it belongs to the entire world", she said. An Iranian rocket barrage on Israeli positions in the Golan Heights prompted an Israel attack Thursday on Iranian targets in Syria.

In a phone call dominated by Iran, the Prime Minister and President agreed to hold talks between the United Kingdom and U.S. governments on the effect of sanctions on British companies.

All this leads one to believe that unless China, Russia, and European powers intervene and find a way for the economic sanctions not to be reimposed, consequently also preventing Iran from upping its nuclear ambitions, a massive threat of another Middle East war could well be on the horizon. After Friday Prayers in Tehran, the hardliners hit the streets, reports CBS News' Elizabeth Palmer.

Germany and France have significant trade links with Iran and remain committed to the nuclear agreement, as does Britain, and the three countries' foreign ministers plan to meet Tuesday to discuss it.

Even the USA needs global partners, she cautioned, saying: "No country is big enough to face this world alone".

As a result of the new USA sanctions, companies worldwide must stop doing business with Iran or risk US fines or other punishment.

European governments tried for months to persuade Trump to stick with the deal but failed, and now fear it will raise the risk of conflict in the region. "Oil prices could rise at least $10 (a barrel), with Brent approaching near $90", Akuta said. Plane-maker Airbus, oil giant Total, and vehicle manufacturers such as Renault and Peugeot could be among the French companies affected the most.