How To Turn On "Remind Me To Take A Break" On YouTube?

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Today, the brand new version of the YouTube cellular program started rolling out, which included several features in keeping with this new motif. However, Google also announced its "Digital Wellbeing" initiative for Android P, as a part of which it also announced a feature called "take a break" for YouTube. With this feature, users can set YouTube to remind them to take a break from watching videos. Users will be allowed to set proper timing of exploring the platform.

YouTube also has a "time watched profile" in the line which is said to provide an insight to the users about their viewing habits. If you have the notifications of the update, you will receive a notification regarding the new YouTube update on your phone as well.

Now you need to go to Settings General. There you could see the new feature with Remind me to take a break. A user can now see daily average video surfing time, the amount of time spent watching YouTube on the current day, yesterday along with the insight on the same for past seven days. The reminder frequency can be set for every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 180 minutes.

Now, the YouTube app will alert you if you're binging too much. In the recent update from YouTube, a new feature has been rolled out which also emphasizes on Digital well-being. So whenever yo want to set a reminder to stop watching the YouTube's videos, you can go to the Settings option and can set the reminder as per your requirements.

These new features will not be the final ones from Google created to help make people shut down their phone for just a little while. This type of updates take longer than expected and Google might have released this update in phases.