Google is now rolling out Confidential Mode and Smart Compose for Gmail

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If you can't wait for the formal rollout, here's how you can start using Gmail's Smart Compose right away. Here's how Gmail's new Confidential Mode works.

Gmail's new design update has been around for a couple of weeks now.

While the update was cosmetic at its core, Google did introduce several new features to the web interface such as direct access to attachments or a new confidential mode for emails. Today, we're taking a look at how you can enable this in your Gmail account! However, Smart Compose is sure to make your lives much easier, especially if you are feeling drowned. The feature, which is being called an "experimental feature", builds off the idea of Smart Reply that was revealed in 2017 and predicts what you'll write next when composing an email. With Gmail's Confidential Mode, Google is adding an extra layer of security and privacy by making users enter a passcode generated via SMS in order to open emails. Let us know in the comments! This feature can be helpful for businesses that often expect more control over how their emails are distributed and accessed. You will get it soon. But this Gmail feature comes with a twist. Ironically, attackers who use phishing as an attack vector may exploit the new functionality to steal user credentials.

One tap and you'll never get an email from that company again. In fact, smart replies existed in Gmail apps for Android and iOS for quite some time.

The email that you receive does not contain the message.

Now there's another big new feature arriving on Google's Gmail that aims to speed up messaging. Gmail's Smart Compose, however, is aimed at delivering complete sentences - thereby helping users compose an entire email without breaking a sweat.

The first time you begin writing an email with new settings enabled, you'll see a prompt that tells you more about Smart Compose. These notifications are a result of Gmail's ability to determine what email conversations might be important for you. One of such service that has received a major overhaul is the Gmail.

Google can now instantly warn users if it suspects an email is from a fraudulent source. So, if you find this update hard to digest just yet, play around with customisations and see what suits you the best.