Coffee shop will leave Duke amid strife over rap music complaint

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Their day took a turn for the worse when Larry Moneta, the vice president for student affairs at Duke, walked into the cafe, heard the catchy tunes of Dolph, and got offended.

Duke University officials did not immediately respond to the latest development. "Until y'all get you a new job, until y'all find you a new job, I got $20,000 for y'all right now". Keep in mind, that was a VP at Duke University that fired them at work for playing the song "Get Paid.' Check this out".

"I will simply say that I am deeply sorry that we are not where we want to be as a university", Price said in a statement. Two employees were fired a short time after the incident.

He continued, "They fired two workers in a coffee shop for bumping my shit in the store". I was shocked to hear lyrics playing quite loudly I found quite inappropriate for a working environment that serves children among others.

"I have chose to cut my company's ties with Duke University. How Joe Van Gogh responded to this matter was exclusively at their discretion".

Joe Van Gogh coffee shop is cutting ties with Duke University after an incident last week that led to the firing of two employees. "I believe it's the right thing to do to preserve Joe Van Gogh's brand independence without conditions", Robbie Roberts, owner of Hillsborough-based Joe Van Gogh Coffee, said in a statement. "I know for a fact that VP at that school gets money, but he doesn't get money like Dolph", he said before handing over the cash.

Roberts said he takes full responsibility for the decision made but that ultimately a relationship separate from Duke it's what's best for Joe Van Gogh.