Bethesda teases RAGE 2, may have robust online modes

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Although we still have a month to go before E3, it's possible that Bethesda will offer a closer look at the game during the event and does plan to pull the curtains tomorrow. Earlier this week, Rage 2 (along with many other games) were apparently leaked on a Walmart webpage. Noticeably absent from the tweet was a denial of the sequel's existence. "I think there's gonna be something in there for everyone regardless of what you play on or what kind of games you're into, and my biggest hope always is that we deliver on the promise of E3".

An image of the Big Ben with the clock pointing to 5:14 and a splotch of pink on its face as well as a picture of a rocket blasting off with a pink tip and pink-tinted clouds showed up on Twitter.

Then came a tweet posted at 5:14 p.m. ET, depicting a rocket firing toward the sky and billows of pink smoke emanating from the bottom, with "5-14" branded on its side. A third teaser also dropped showcasing a bird's eye view of a city street cross-section - all covered in pink.

The two most recent tweets on Friday depicted two Rage cosplayers among members of the public. What will be announced remains a mystery, though.

This has lead to a lot of speculation, including people noting that the clock hands point to both 5 and 14 which many are suggesting is some sort of announcement date for RAGE 2. It's been a while since Fallout 4 and we're starting to get the lack-of-Bethesda-open-world shakes.

Bethesda are energetically teasing something on Twitter.