Woman Allegedly Assaulted at Superstar Singer's House: Here's How They Responded

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In a statement to TheWrap, Grissom's attorney, Anthony Willoughby of Willoughby and Associates, said that Grissom "vehemently denies these false and defaming accusations originated past year ending with no arrests, no proof, an inconclusive rape kit and after a police investigation- no charges filed".

Mark Geragos told TMZ that the "Forever" singer had nothing to do with the alleged attack during a party past year. "That is why we have filed this case today alleging sexual battery, gender violence, a violation of Ralph Civil Rights Act, battery, assault, interference with the exercise of civil rights, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence".

The young woman, who goes by Jane Doe in the lawsuit, alleged in the lawsuit that her roommate met Young Lo at a concert in Los Angeles in February 2017. "In another era, we might have called this a shakedown".

According to the suit, once the group arrived at the private residence, which is surrounded by a coded gate and fence, Jane Doe said Brown continued to supply drugs and alcohol.

Upon arrival, she said, her phone was confiscated because Brown did not want such gadgets in the studio.

"Plaintiff became scared and intimidated when she saw Brown and (Lo) in possession of multiple guns in the house", the suit states. Brown allegedly instructed Grissom to push a couch in front of the door so nobody could leave. Doe X, who was menstruating, also made the plaintiff orally copulate her while Lo inappropriately touched her, according to the lawsuit. She was taken to a room where there were other women. He raped her again against a washing machine before she left the house by hailing a cab through a rideshare app. "Grissom entered the bathroom while Plaintiff was in the shower, and began to molest her. Plaintiff fled the bathroom, but Grissom pursued her, and pushed her down onto the bed and raped her".

According to the lawsuit, she then headed to a rape centre and contacted the police.

In her press conference, Allred said, "This is one of the most horrific sexual assault cases that I have ever seen and our client Jane Doe has been severely traumatized by what she was forced to suffer".

Chris Brown was recently sued for sexual assault. But a spokesman for the district attorney's office denied that anything had been presented to the office.

Gloria Allred talks to the media after filing a lawsuit on behalf of the woman who alleges that she was repeatedly sexually assaulted while falsely imprisoned in Chris Brown's house.