WhatsApp Working on a Chat Filter Feature for Business App

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When you head over to the search screen looking for a message, there will be three options as mentioned above and when you choose them, your message will be searched only in the particular category, making it easier to find.

According to MacRumors, there are a few different ways to fix this issue. And because of that load, the iMessage app will crash and will continue to crash upon reopening the same message.

It's being called the Black Dot bug because a similar unicode bug was recently being spread among WhatsApp users that had the emojis of a black dot and a pointing finger along with a warning not to touch the black dot.

Apparently, the black dot bug works by exploiting the string that contains thousands of invisible Unicode characters that churns through the CPU cycles as the system tries to process them.

Apple users can temporarily prevent their device from getting affected by not opening the message containing the black dot bug.

First, you need to force close the iMessage app, then navigate to your device's home screen.

WhatsApp, the instant messaging app, is known for introducing back-to-back updates and features in order to make our user experience better.

The bug affects iPhones and iPads running iOS 11.3 and the beta releases of iOS 11.4. The bug is being spread by sending following emoji: ⚫ . In the meantime, if you've been sent the emoji string, you could try force-quitting the Messages application, and use 3D Touch to open a new conversation.

Then, open iMessage and return to the conversation list, where you can manually remove the thread.

Tap on Edit and then tap on the circle to the left of the conversation that contains the message.

To be fair, this is a glitch that has been demonstrated on Android phones and the Mac, but it's Apple's mobile operating system that seems to be crash the entire Messages app without a simple reset option.