Unyama! Al Shabab stone and kill woman who allegedly had 11 husbands

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A sad story this.

Somalia's Security Ministry spokesman, Abdiaziz Hildhiban said Thursday that only "enemy fighters" were shot dead during the overnight operation against the Al-Qaeda-aligned extremist group Al-Shabab.

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Al-Shabab fighters perform military exercises south of Mogadishu Somalia

"Shukri Abdullahi and nine husbands, including her legal husband, were brought at the court, each saying she was his wife", Mohamed Abu Usama, al Shabaab's governor for the Lower Shabelle region, told Reuters.

The court ruled that Shukri Abdullahi Warsame, who was accused of marrying 11 times, without divorcing previous husbands, should be killed by stoning.

Under Islamic law, men can have up to four wives, but women are banned from having more than one husband, and a divorce is only granted with permission from the husband or a religious court, reports the BBC.

Al Shabaab is fighting to impose its own harsh interpretation of Islamic law in Somalia.

According to the Shabaab statement, the 30-year-old mother of eight was arrested after two men argued over her, each claiming to be her legal husband.

The Somalian woman was killed by masked men in a public square after she allegedly confessed in secret to the polygamy.

Her legal husband, Ali Ibrahim, subsequently found out his wife did not go to Mogadishu but instead had married again and was living with another husband in Sakow.