TSA apologizes for asking Trudeau administration official to remove turban

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I was at the point of boarding and they asked me to take off my turban. "It's a piece of linen", he said. He passed, and was allowed to leave.

He was heading home to Canada from Detroit in April 2017 after meeting with MI state Governor Rick Snyder and other officials, when security agents insisted he remove his turban for inspection, after he had already cleared the metal detector and secondary screening tests and was about to board his flight.

That's when Bains said he flashed his diplomatic passport - and the agent backed off. He said when they realized who he was they allowed him to travel and not take it off. Bains complained to Canada's foreign minister who then complained to US officials.

"He told me: 'You have to take off your turban.' I responded politely that it was not a security threat and that I had passed all the security controls". This is not a satisfactory answer.

The minister's spokesman Karl Sasseville explained to AFP that the minister did not immediately reveal his government position in order to see how things play out for ordinary people in such circumstances.

He said the experience was awkward and described the security agents as "very insistent and very hard".

He said USA officials expressed regret and apologized and he's accepted the apology.

An incident at a USA airport involving federal Innovation Minister Navdeep Bains ended with the Trump administration apologizing for how its security officials acted.

A TSA spokeswoman said in a statement Thursday that in a review of video from the incident, the agency found that the officer screening Bains did not properly follow procedure. TSA does this to ensure that prohibited items or weapons are not concealed beneath any type of clothing and brought onto an aircraft. This policy covers all headwear and is not directed at any one particular item or group, ' he said.

When he appeared at his scheduled gate, a second security agent approached him, requesting Bains return to the security checkpoint - and again telling him to remove his head-covering. It noted that passengers who wear "non-form-fitting headwear" for religious reasons might be unable to remove it and should be prepared for special security screenings.