In the U.S. pregnant women are advised to consume marijuana

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The study's lead author Torri Metz, MD, a Perinatologist at Denver Health said she was surprised by the findings.

It's not surprising that marijuana sales would increase in 2018.

She is concerned because the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommend women refrain from marijuana use, citing possible adverse effects to the developing fetus.

The Marijuana Industry Group stated that it's protocol for dispensary workers to urge customers to speak with a medical professional for any of their health questions, WFTS Tampa Bay reported.

For the current study, researchers posing as pregnant women with morning sickness called 400 randomly selected cannabis dispensaries in Colorado, one of about 30 U.S. states that have legalized some form of marijuana sales.

Extensive research, including a recent study by the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions, has shown a link between marijuana use and low-birth weight, prematurity, and neurological defects in infants.

The bylaw doesn't apply to medical marijuana dispensaries.

Of 400 randomly selected dispensaries in Colorado, about seven in 10 recommended cannabis products as a treatment for morning sickness.

Notably, there are three forms of synthetic cannabinoid-derived medications approved by the FDA, but none of them would be prescribed to pregnant women and are not made from the whole plant.

They told budtenders they were dealing with "morning sickness", and requested advice about potentially using marijuana.

The researchers noted that recommendations from cannabis dispensary employees may vary depending on the person who took the call and may not represent the policy of the dispensary or the views of other employees.

In the study, medical dispensaries were more likely to recommend cannabis products than retail dispensaries: About 83% and 60% did so, respectively. Officials said only about a third of dispensaries paid all they owed - a shortfall that became one of the arguments for legalization. "This will give people the opportunity to go to court and prove they do not deserve to have a criminal record".

"Google is first. Then if you feel apprehensive about it, you could ask", said one dispensary's employee.

How can women treat morning sickness?

"The health effects of cannabis use in pregnancy may differ depending on mode of administration (e.g., vaping versus smoking), cannabis potency, trimester of cannabis exposure, and concurrent use of other substances, factors that we are just beginning to include in research on the health effects of cannabis use in pregnancy", Young-Wolff said by email.

"I think there's a real opportunity for education, as well, and we're hoping to engage the dispensaries in that educational process", Dr. Metz told Colorado Public Radio.