How Google is trying to fix your phone addiction

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Android P will learn your schedule to ensure apps like Instagram aren't running in the background in the afternoon while you're at work, for example.

Google has announced new plans to improve the performance of the Android TV. We can also look forward to a streamlined sign-in flow for users on iOS hardware or those connecting through PC browsers.

Android: The Pixel 3 probably won't be official until October (when Google typically announces its latest flagship phones), but you can bring a bit of the rumoured device to your current Android handset right now. A major complaint and concern shared by Android TV users is that the device is often too slow and is too much reliant on the TV's specs and this is sure to change. One of the new buttons will act as a Home Button, while the other one as a Back button.

Here are the top five biggest new features of Android P.

Android P is getting smarter and will start suggesting apps and actions for you to take throughout the interface.

After the installation, the device will run the Android P Beta version. It is the follow-up to the ADT-1, the first ever Android TV box that was made specifically for developers to be used in testing applications.

Go Home: There's no more home button (virtual or otherwise) in Android P, but the replacement is pretty straightforward. That means you are limited to media (like music, audiobooks, podcasts, etc) and messaging apps.

Android P is acknowledged as "Digital Wellness".

Instead, the new system will see a bar at the bottom of the screen you swipe up on (hello, iPhone X) that allows you to swipe between open apps, see your most recently used apps, and access your entire app drawer.

For those unfamiliar with the Google Lens, it is a feature which when pointed at something uses augmented reality to recognize the object, such as clothing items, animals, plants, food, and more.

Download the update and after that click the "Download and install" option.

Android P will also let you know if you forgot to fill in some relevant information and give you the possibility to finish up those tasks quickly on the go. Just swipe your finger all the way up the screen to skip straight to your full list of apps.

Click the "Opt-in" button on the Pixel device you have chosen.