Android P Beta's ten features that impressed us the most

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The Android P operating system will be the fore-runner for the company's latest achievments in the field of AI.

The move is part of Google's "Digital Well Being" initiative that it launched at its Google I/O developers conference Tuesday, and it's not limited to Android. Users will be able to follow arrows - or possibly a cartoon-like creature - that appear on a camera view showing the actual street in front of them. This is coming to Google's phones, of course, but that's not all. You see shoes you like or furniture out in the world; Lens will get more information about that item (assuming recognition) but can now also show you lookalikes (see below).

Google Maps: Google will use augmented reality to help guide you to your destination.

The new App Actions predicts what users want to do next and will suggest apps to assist with that task. But Google's new technology pushes that question of creepiness to a new level: What if we don't even know it's a robot we're talking to?

Why open a full app when you need just access a "slice" of it. This, according to Google, is a hardware thing. Duplex can then make that information available online with Google, reducing the number of calls a business would receive about the same enquiry.

In a slick effort to make using Android a better experience, Google is addding two small but slick features called App Actions and Slices. Gesture Navigations is meant to allow users to navigate the system without needing the old navigation bar.

Company CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google has been working on newer and more life-like version of its spoken AI that features natural voice that is "closer to how humans speak". You can also swipe up and hold to bring up multitasking or swipe right to switch between apps.

Meanwhile, further applications of Google's AI concern not vision but voice, as the company debuted Google Duplex by having the assistant call a hair salon and book an appointment. But if you do want more bass, there will be a wireless subwoofer available. For instance, when you connect your earphones, Android P will show a screen to resume your favorite Spotify playlist. Orientation controls can now be app-specific, a feature that we're very excited about. Through Android Jetpack, a set of app-building tools, developers can reach users across 95% of Android devices.

A series of apps and automatic functions are geared towards helping you spend less time on your mobile device. The new "Do Not Disturb" mode silences not just phone calls and notifications, but also all the visual interruptions that pop-up on the screen and is activated automatically when the phone is turned over on the table. Finally, Wind Down will enable Night Light, turn on DND and will turn the display to greyscale at a chosen time to remind you that its time to sleep.