Uber Opens Selection for City to Implement Flying Taxis

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Nasa said that the goal is to make a rideshare network that will set aside residents to hail a small aircraft in the similar way that Uber users can now use an app to call a vehicle.

When/if the flying rideshare network ever comes to fruition, it would be known as Uber Elevate.

A video demonstrating the firm's vision of a flying taxi network reveals what appears much like its current on the ground model. Mark Moore said a new Uber Elevate white paper will be released on Wednesday. It will leave the more challenging tasks to its recently-announced partners like Karem Aircraft, which seems to have a design that suits Uber's needs perfectly.

Jalwon Shin from NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate said in a statement that Urban air mobility had the potential to revolutionize the way people commute and cargo moves in the cities and it will change lifestyles of people just like smartphones have done. The deal - the second partnership between the two - will see Nasa help to build realistic simulations of flying taxis during busy air traffic, with the aim of creating computer models of aircraft flying through Dallas Fort Worth International Airport in Texas. The agency has been working on traffic management systems for unmanned aircraft like drones for a few years now, and last year signed a deal with Uber to do the same for flying taxis.

Uber plans to partner with aviation manufacturing companies including Bell Helicopters, Embraer, and Pipistrel.

Uber said it would develop its low noise rotor system in collaboration with Launchpoint Technologies, a Goleta, California, engineering company focused on electric and hybrid aircraft technologies. These flying cars will be more like drones carrying passengers than a helicopter.

These simulations will then be used to identify safety issues in crowded environments - such as a city airspace.

Uber has set a goal of testing these electric flying vehicles by 2020 and a commercial launch in 2023. "That's part of the norms and the culture of this company and this is another big, bold bet that we think ultimately is something that the cities of the futures are going to need".

The concept will be on display at the aforementioned Uber Elevate Summit which kicks off today and runs through Wednesday.

To further make the service affordable to regular clients, Uber is implementing a ridesharing mechanism that would accommodate up to four passengers.