NGINX Partners with Red Hat to Drive Application Innovation

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DXC Technology offers the DXC Managed Container Platform as a Service (PaaS) powered by Red Hat OpenShift created to help clients take advantage of OpenShift while providing application containerization, migration, and managed platform services. "Through our long-standing collaboration with Red Hat, we're aiming to accelerate the adoption and deployment of the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform with HPE solutions from proof of concept to large scale deployment".

Microsoft has expanded its alliance with Red Hat to empower enterprise developers to run container-based applications across Microsoft Azure and on-premises.

Conjur Enterprise can also be integrated with CyberArk Enterprise Password Vault, replicating secrets between the two products.

The extended collaboration is already available to customers, as organisations with eligible Red Hat subscriptions can now use their Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform subscriptions on IBM Cloud via the Red Hat Cloud Access solution. "CyberArk Conjur Enterprise on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform can offer organisations a solution to simplify the process - enabling them to capitalise on accelerated DevOps processes with the flexibility to deploy in their preferred compute environment, without introducing unnecessary secrets-related risk". Red Hat OpenShift on Azure gives enterprises the flexibility to move workloads around and across on- and off-premises, such as the public cloud.

Red Hat, headquartered in downtown Raleigh, helps develop the Linux operating system and other open-source software packages and makes money by helping other businesses put them to use.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform offers a Kubernetes platform based on enterprise technologies, paired with a robust partner ecosystem and a vibrant community, providing SIs with an innovative foundation to drive end user transformation.

Microsoft and Red Hat claim that the managed OpenShift service will be the first of its kind to run via a public cloud.

"Our prior announcements were focused on providing customers with a technical integration backed by aligned support", he told LinuxInsider, "but with this announcement we are jointly delivering a solution that creates a first-in-class container service for customers looking to leverage the Azure platform".

Managing the infrastructure for cloud-native applications and the container platforms that power them is critical to digital transformation. This makes the platform ideal for enterprises who have compliance mandates around open source and free software for those with existing Red Hat licensing deals.

OpenShift Container Platform is used to manage container deployments for widely adopted standards including Kubernetes and Linux containers.

Wipro selected Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform for its Cloud Application Factory.

Paul Cormier, president, Products and Technologies, Red Hat, said, "Very few organizations are able to fully silo their IT operations into a exclusively on-premises or public cloud footprint; instead, it's a hybrid mixture of these environments that presents a path towards digital transformation". Red Hat also offers award-winning support, training, and consulting services.

"We believe that having a serverless offering in our portfolio is essential if we want to be able to provide developers with a modern, full-featured application development stack for a hybrid cloud".