Netanyahu in Moscow as tensions skyrocket over Iran, Syria

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He added that Israel may have been prompted to attack Tuesday once it discovered that Iran had removed rocket launchers and missile silos from underground storage and prepared them for use against the Jewish state. Its resources in Syria pale in comparison to the high-tech Israeli military.

Tuesday's Israeli attack on Iranian military bases south of the Syrian capital of Damascus killed at least 15 people, including eight Iranians, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said in a statement on Wednesday.

On April 9 missiles targeted the T-4 air base in the central province of Homs, killing up to 14 fighters, including seven Iranians, two days after an alleged chemical attack carried out by the Syrian regime.

Peek, the deputy assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern affairs, offered the administration's clearest answer yet: "We're certainly going to be pushing and asking and cajoling them to disinvest, absolutely", he said on NPR's Morning Edition.

Several Israeli reports stated that the IAF struck Iranian missiles aimed at Israel.

The sirens went off shortly after the Syrian state news agency and activists reported rocket fire from Israel into southern Syrian just before midnight Wednesday. According to Netanyahu, this is another evidence of close relations between the peoples of Russian Federation and Israel. But for months, it has repeatedly said it will not accept a permanent Iranian military presence in Syria.

According to reports from Syria's official SANA news agency based on military sources, regime forces intercepted two Israeli missiles.

But Samore added that Russian Federation, a leading power broker in Syria and key Assad ally, wants to keep things "under control" and avoid "a big war between Israel and Iran" on Syrian territory.

Israel's top general, Gadi Eizenkott, canceled a scheduled appearance at an annual security conference and was conferring with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman and other national security chiefs, officials said.

Local media said it was the first time there had been an order for local authorities in the Golan to prepare shelters in the occupied area since the Syrian civil war began.

While evening news programs were speculating about President Donald Trump's long-awaited announcement that the United States would ditch the 2015 nuclear accord with Iran, news came in that the IDF had ordered municipalities on the Golan Heights to open public bomb shelters on the mountainous plateau.

The Islamist regime in Tehran has used disruptive and asymmetric warfare since the devastating war with Iraqi in the 1980s, indicating Iran is the weaker power in its conflict with the U.S. and Israel.

After targeting Iranian units in Syria in retaliation, an Israel F-16 was shot down by Syrian anti-aircraft fire in one of the conflict's most notable escalations.