Deadpool apologies to David Beckham for that joke in the first movie

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"It's like he mouth sexed a can of helium".

The soccer megastar continues to decline Deadpool's apologies and gifts, which include balloons and a mariachi band.

Ryan Reynolds has relished the opportunity to poke fun at his superhero rivals in the Marvel Cinematic Universe ahead of the release of Deadpool 2. "Forgive Me", reads another followed by a kissy emoji. "Too soon?" he asks in a high-pitched voice. Finally he appears wearing a Canada football shirt, offering him tickets to the World Cup - and Beckham finally relents. "I can't wait to not watch Italy play the Netherlands".

Deadpool is known for cracking wise at pop culture figures, but in a new marketing spot for Deadpool 2, the character expresses some overdue regret for a cheap shot at a sports celebrity.

Well, in a amusing bit that should earn Deadpool's marketing mavens an Oscar for inventiveness if they had one, Beckham didn't take too kindly to the zinger. Deadpool mentions the joke and Beckham lies that he didn't hear it. Ha!

The two hug it out and a friendship is reborn, but not before Deadpool gets in a few more wisecracks about Beckham smelling unbelievable... like "cinnamon and manhood".

Deadpool shows up at Beckham's door to apologize in his usual smarmy way, but it's Beckham who gets the last laugh by mocking star Ryan Reynolds' less-than-stellar films.