A Mother's Day Tribute

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Mother's Day is Sunday. In the modern era, people like Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis worked hard to make this event a success.

"So, the ideal Mother's Day gift for me, and my family is not going to believe this, is a giant cinnamon roll", said Carol Lin Dowling, a mom of two from Los Angeles, California.

On May 13, mothers can choose a free entree from a special Hooters Mother's Day Menu. With the mother's consent, the daughter puts on that piece that caught her eye; and as she grows into a young lady of society, she carries with her an heirloom close to her heart and all the things she's learned from her mom. But it is only the United States or India that celebrates this special to honour moms, many other countries hold Mother's Day celebrations at various times of the year and commemorate the occasion with their own traditions. When she created Mother's Day, she wanted it to be a singular possessive holiday because each family is celebrating their mother, not all mothers.

There is an International Mother's Day Shrine dedicated to the preservation of motherhood - it is located with a museum at Grafton, West Virginia, and aims to preserve, promote and develop the spirit of motherhood. But when it comes to his wife, who also works in the shop, he said they like to do something different for Mother's Day. Children will often sketch pictures of their mothers and present them to mom in addition to preparing dishes that their mothers have taught them.

I asked around my circle of moms to see if they felt as though Mother's Day didn't live up to the hype, either. After all, she is the one who gave you life! Regardless of the day, a traditional gift is a flower-shaped cake. But 9 years and 3 kids later, it's morphed into something else. You'll be surprised at the results of a Moms Day survey. We like to go out later in the day when the crowds have died down and things aren't as busy. Mom inspired me, and somehow losing her became a source of incredible strength.

Don't let mom cook on Mother's Day, no. Dads can get the kids involved and cook a lovely breakfast, or barbecue an awesome meal for lunch or dinner.

But the USA isn't the only country with a holiday honoring moms. Perhaps instead, we can let go of the expense and expectation and get back to the heart of the holiday by celebrating her in simple and honest ways every day. And while it isn't always ideal or easily understood either, it's yours and it's forever, and it's free in all the very best ways.

And while it is by no means an unforgivable sin to show your love and appreciation with a material gift - maybe mom really needs a new blender this year and she just hasn't been able to justify the purchase herself - make sure to write a note with it telling her that you miss her, that you're thankful for what she's done for you, and that she is loved.

Oh, and pick up your shoes.