Reason Why Sami Zayn Missed The Greatest Royal Rumble

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Braun Strowman won the historic Greatest Royal Rumble Match while WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar was driven through the steel cage yet managed to retain his title against Roman Reigns. WWE is making an enormous financial profit (the exact numbers won't be known until this summer) off of the arrangement, but the price they have been and will continue to pay when it comes to public relations could prove to be enormous.

The event came at a cost that has some people doing head scratching and questioning World Wrestling Entertainment's commitment to the women's evolution as well as being LGBT friendly.

In some ways, this isn't necessarily bad, and in other ways, it's very frustrating.

The atmosphere of the show, although electric in the beginning, turned out to be quite inconsistent. It took place in Jeddah. O'Neil's entrance caused the announcers to die of laughter. No need to go down that route again, other than to say it was the same thing as it always is, and that's not intriguing at all.

Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt defeated The Bar to win Raw Tag Team Championship. There were numerous moments where we saw him triumph and just as many where we saw him falter. At the very least, he has this accolade to fall back on as proof.

He also added that despite the fact that things in his personal life aren't going very well yet, he won't have missed this event.

I'm sincerely hoping it isn't another 50-man Royal Rumble in 2019, as I'm hoping for something different. The intensity was however a bit low from American live matches. He was then driven through the cage off a spear, but by Lesnar being out of the cage first, the referee awarded the match to Lesnar. That's something to ponder about. WWE put a lot into this show, but ultimately-for WWE fans-it was one of the biggest letdowns in years.

But holy shit, at least we got that Titus O'Neil botch, and that might have been worth absolutely everything else!

WWE planned ahead and wrote that backstage segment to write him out and give him a reason in the story for missing the Greatest Royal Rumble but it looks like the real reason for Sami's absence is actually much more complicated and stretches far beyond the traditional pro wrestling landscape.

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