Kirinyaga deputy governor identifies suspect who assaulted him

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In an uncanny coincidence, the prison warder was arrested when he had gone to Wang'uru police station in Mwea to report an accident but was very unlucky after it emerged that he was being pursued by detectives.

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has positively identified a suspect who was arrested on Thursday in connection to an explicit video involving the county boss.

"Police have not received any report concerning an alleged assault of the Deputy Governor of Kirinyaga County, in Kakamega".

The deputy governor alleges that he was set up by a cartel.

Mr Ndambiri spoke to the press on Wednesday when he chose to report the matter at Thika police station.

According to a police source, the fraudsters had demanded Ksh.5 million from the deputy governor but he suspected foul play when one of the thugs reached out to him demanding for Ksh.500,000 cash to unhook him from the trap.

He confesses that he has slept with the woman countless times and that he didn't know she was married.

Mr Ndambiri says the gang forced them to strip naked as they recorded the incident to show that he had been busted sleeping with a married woman.

Without delving much into the details of the entire ordeal, Ndambiri said he feared that the assailants would have harmed or even killed him since they were armed with machetes.

"It is a clique of gangsters who are targeting the rich and politicians with an aim of extorting money from them".

However, the Kirinyaga Deputy Governor apologized to his family and the people of Kirinyaga in his statement yesterday after recording a statement with the police.

To the people of Kirinyaga, he said he remains optimistic that "the distressing wave will come to an end".

"Law enforcers should thoroughly investigate this matter, arrest and parade these criminals in public in broad daylight", Ndambiri said.

In the video, the men can be heard ordering the deputy governor to identify himself.