Jets set to take QB with third pick

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Ever wonder what a trade conversation between two National Football League general managers is like? They re-signed Josh McCown, the starter last year, in the offseason; signed Teddy Bridgewater, who's still coming back from a severe knee injury almost two years ago; and have holdovers Bryce Petty and Christian Hackenberg. That was helped by the injury to Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson, the player the Texans picked at No. 12, but when you deal with QB-needy teams, this is what can happen.That's pick 12 = pick 4 + pick 25. "They certainly seem like they're making the most phone calls about possibly moving up for a quarterback ... it's safe to assume that 5 or 6 could be potential slots to trade for a quarterback". "But the more you study quarterbacks and look at the position, if you throw the ball on time, you don't necessarily need to throw the ball 75 yards to be an effective quarterback".

The Bills have used a first-round pick on a quarterback just three times, and only once with their first selection: E.J. Manuel, 16th overall in 2013. "You know what, I'm going to sit hear and in a couple years, when all is said and done, I'm confident that I'll still be standing".

The Buffalo Bills might just be the team that lets the Giants move back in the draft, a source tells Metro. In the meantime, they're playing AJ McCarron at quarterback while waiting for Josh Allen or Josh Rosen or the quarterback they picked to be ready.Maybe that's a longshot.

All these questions and more - such as the team's biggest draft needs and why that sets up for an interesting Day 2 of the draft - are answered on the NFL Draft preview edition of Talk is Cheap.

Not all trades have to be big moves.

Buffalo has no one closely resembling a franchise quarterback after trading Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland last month.

His departure leaves Buffalo with two quarterbacks with a combined six career starts (including playoffs): free-agent addition AJ McCarron and Nathan Peterman, best remembered for throwing five interceptions in the first half of a blowout loss to the Chargers in his rookie season. On Thursday night, NY has the opportunity to add a quarterback who might stop the revolving door.

This is the pick Miller believes is the most likely the Bills will make their move.

Currently Arizona has the No. 15 overall pick. The floor for him is pick No. 12, where the Bills are on the clock and need a quarterback.