Windows 10 Lean Redstone 5 Ditches Superfluous Features For Better Performance

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We have our reservations about Windows 10 S mode and how useful it will actually be, so it's good to see that Microsoft is sticking to its promise of making the switching process free, as well as making it pretty straightforward.

Addressed the issue where Microsoft Edge stopped working after a few seconds. However, the components aren't kicked out forever; people can add them after installing Windows 10 Lean on their systems. A Twitter user named Lucan posted a handful of images showing the Windows 10 Lean SKU.

Microsoft is apparently developing another version of Windows 10 called "Lean", and as the name suggests, it's a trimmed-down variant of the operating system that removes a bunch of preloaded software to save on disk space.

Windows 10 Lean Cut Down Redstone 5
Windows 10 Lean Redstone 5 Ditches Superfluous Features For Better Performance

It is not immediately clear what Microsoft plans to do with this particular release of Windows 10.

Windows 10 S, originally promoted as a new edition of Windows 10, is now known as "S mode" and will be an option for all editions of Windows 10 next year, rather than just for Windows 10 Pro as it is today.

Addresses an issue that makes a Japanese keyboard unusable in remote assistance sessions.

Cursor moved to center of the screen when changing display modes.

Addresses a potential leak caused by opening and closing a new web browser control. While everyone has been calling the next update the "Spring Creators Update", Microsoft Edges's welcome page in build 17134.1 is calling it the "April Update".

If you installed earlier updates, only the new fixes in this package will be downloaded and installed on your device.

Addresses an issue with the first launch performance of UWP Desktop Bride apps. However, these apps will no longer receive updates or support. However, all of these apps can be imported, which means that users will be able to install Win32 applications.