Woman says as she explains why she can't get a boyfriend

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The education bureau in Sanyuan released a statement on Saturday saying it had suspended the impostor from her duties and would investigate.

" ... So [the gentleman] then followed them inside the restaurant being verbally abusive, calling [the soldiers] Black lesbians and shouting, 'the military lets lesbians serve?' So at that point I started recording & here's the VIDEO". "I can not say my husbands were wrong because three men can not all be wrong", she went on.

Sharpe started to record the incident on her phone and that's when Tucker allegedly lunged at Sharpe and her phone, then slapped her in the face.

The reason behind her racist tirade: the Tuckers were apparently reversing their auto to park in a handicapped spot outside the restaurant when the soldiers reportedly drove around them and parked in a separate spot.

Tucker tells her, "Don't you take a picture of me!"

Ms Tucker adds: "Well, my husband is handicapped". "Put that phone down!" "What I'm trying to say is that guys think I look young, and that some guys just want me for my body".

Some witnesses also claimed Tucker appeared to have hit the pregnant soldier as well.

The victim, who briefly went inside the store, reported the dog was missing at 8:22 p.m., but surveillance video showed a female taking the dog from outside the store, police said. "The woman probably gave her some sob story", Hutchinson's cousin Daniele Jeffreys later told WTVR.

Reiss' husband was found dead after his business partner called police to conduct a welfare check on him.

She is armed and risky and should not be approached, authorities said.

R'rion Sade Laderrien Brown, of 2906 Glasgow St.in Raleigh, has been charged with one felony count of breaking and entering to terrorize and injure, along with one misdemeanor count each of assault inflicting serious injury with minors present and battery of an unborn child, according to an arrest warrant filed at the Wake County Magistrate's Office.