Watch Dogs 3 Revealed By Ubisoft AI Assistant Sam

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Although none could be deciphered, it started the ball rolling with Watch Dog 3 rumors. Of course, Watch Dogs is a series built around hacking, so an April Fool's day joke around this theme more foreshadowing than a simple joke.

But what really sealed the deal (bearing in mind that this is all strictly speculation, and no deal has been sealed) is a UbiCentral video stating that Sam, the Siri-like assistant built into Ubisoft's mobile app, dropped the dime itself. One thing I'll be interested to see out of Ubisoft is how much more they'll be supporting their current games, though the move to The Division 2 will surely change things in that space.

Earlier this year, Ubisoft announced a personal gaming assistant AI for the Ubisoft Club.

Watch Dogs 3 is not finished yet, but I tested the latest development version and it is doing very well. "The Dev team works wonders!"

If Ubisoft is indeed hinting at an upcoming reveal, E3 2018 would make a great stage for the game's announcement. "Can't wait for you to try it!" Rumours and leaks are already starting to multiply.

Watch Dogs is akin to the open world Grand Theft Auto game from Ubisoft just with hackers instead of thugs and gang members. Later, the official Watch Dogs Twitter account briefly shared a post ("This is Everything") thought to be a play on the franchise's "Everything is connected" motto. Holiday 2018 is a likely release date, if Ubisoft plans to alternate Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs releases.