Trump says Syria strikes "perfectly executed", declares "Mission Accomplished!"

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The U.S., France and the United Kingdom launched the airstrikes early Saturday on three chemical weapons facilities in Syria to punish the regime for alleged use of chemical weapons in the town of Douma on April 7.

The attacks happened Friday and USA president Donald Trump took to Twitter Saturday calling it "A mission accomplished".

Within hours of the joint US, UK and French attack - which saw 105 allied missiles hit strategic targets - the Damascus government attacked the two towns in the Syrian countryside.

At least 70 civilians were killed in the attack and another 500 people were injured. In the face of substantial evidence to the contrary, Russia's pushback on behalf of Syria and Assad is significant.

"We clearly need a war powers act in this country to transform a now broken convention into a legal obligation", the Labour leader said.

Finally, the most aggressive proposal might have included bombing Russian air defenses in Syria, in order to "cripple the regime's military capabilities without touching [President Bashar] Assad's political machinery." .

Russia continues to back Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, providing military equipment - including air-defense systems - and has sent Russian troops and paid Russian mercenaries to Syria. Analysts and diplomats said the strike was unlikely to shake Assad's hold on power or change the trajectory of the conflict. "Instead of weakening the government, it only made it stronger", he said.

May in her statement called it a "limited and targeted strike".

However, UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric said the United Nations has "provided the necessary clearances for the OPCW team to go about its work in Douma". "We are prepared to sustain this pressure if the Syrian regime is foolish enough to test our will".

Russian Federation has argued both that the attack in the Syrian city of Douma never happened or that it was orchestrated by the US and its allies to provoke a military response.

"Our worst apprehensions have come true".

Mrs. Sanders aid US policy in Syria "hasn't changed". "Insulting the President of Russian Federation is unacceptable and inadmissible", he added, an apparent reference to Trump's mention of President Vladimir Putin in his speech.

The world's chemical weapons watchdog is set to convene Monday to discuss the suspected toxic gas assault in Syria that prompted an unprecedented wave of Western strikes, as its inspectors probe the attack near Damascus.

The strikes appeared to have taken place far from Russia's bases near the Syrian coast.

The OPCW team is tasked with determining whether banned substances were used in the attack, a charge that both Syria and its most powerful ally, Russia, have vehemently denied.

French Defense Minister Florence Parly said the Russians were warned "ahead of time" - despite claims from the Pentagon that Moscow was not notified.

French authorities said the allies don't seek any military escalation, nor confrontation with Russian Federation.

Mr Macron said he meant to go ahead with a planned visit to Moscow at the end of next month. -Russian agreement, President Assad of Syria was again using chemical weapons. But, she said, "We can not allow such grievous violations of worldwide law".

Liberals may be fainting or fuming over Trump's decision to carry out a missile attack on Syria, but one Syrian refugee is extremely thankful that it is Trump and not former President Obama who is in office.

May will address Parliament - where she doesn't have a majority - next week.

Next week, he is to become the first foreign leader to be hosted by Donald Trump on a state visit. The strikes "successfully hit every target" and the allies "took every measure and caution" to only hit the intended targets, White said Saturday morning.