Spotify's mysterious event will be about its mobile app

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Sources say that Chery might become a curator of Spotify's popular RapCaviar playlist.

Carl Chery is the one that managed to strike a collaboration between Apple Music and Chance the Rapper, the Grammy-winning artist. Chery was also a former music journalist for, XXL and BET. The person largely responsible for that is their head of hip hop programming, Carl Chery. Basa left Spotify last month after serving the company for three years.

This is the second high-profile departure from Apple Music in a week.

The heated fight between Apple Music and Spotify is only at the beginning, as Spotify gave another serious blow to Apple's streaming service. Lately, Apple has been shuffling its team quite a bit lately, recently moving Oliver Schusser as the head of Apple Music worldwide.

Also, the player would have a 4G connection integrated and free but that can only be used to play music streaming from the service. The Verge was able to receive an invite for the said event and it looks like Spotify will be sharing news about upcoming changes to its mobile app.

It's unknown what additions Spotify will be announcing. Therefore, this is a serious blow for Apple Music.