Ohlson murder trial postponed a year

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Malinowski, 33, was hospitalised for nearly two years and underwent dozens of surgeries after she was engulfed in flames in 2015 behind a petrol station in Gahanna, a Columbus suburb.

And on Friday Franklin County Judge Guy Reece allowed the footage saying officials knew of no other case in which a victim would testify at his or her own murder trial.

At the time, Slager was charged with assault and was preparing to go to trial.

Judy Malinowski, a former beauty queen, was deliberately set on fire by her then-boyfriend Michael Slager. She is shown (left) before her death and (right) before the attack.

Michael Slager is now facing further charges after Ms Malinowski's death.

His attorneys tried to block it by citing a legal technicality, claiming it was improperly obtained by prosecutors.

Moses was shot in her face while in bed. "I'm so proud of her and I know one day I'll see her, although my heart will be forever broken without her". "So it was really important to me that that happens", she said.

Slager has always maintained that he set her on fire by accident when he lit a cigarette. There, he emptied the contents of a gasoline can and set her ablaze.

After her death, OH passed Judy's Law which added six years onto the sentence of anyone convicted of an assault which permanently maimed their victim.

Judge Reece said two-thirds of the 86 pages of Malinowski's deposition were cross examination.

Malinowski summoned the media to her hospital room before her death and mustered the strength to whisper a few damning words about her "evil" attacker. During her stay in the hospital, Slager's victim underwent 56 major surgeries in a desperate attempt to stave the infection. Doctors wanted to perform on her but she was too weak to withstand another procedure.

Ismaila Ali Musah, 31 and Abdul Karim Yakubu, 30, have been committed to stand trial by the District Court.

According to the court records from December 2016, Slager pleaded not guilty to the three criminal charges he faced while Malinowski was still alive, "aggravated arson, possession of criminal tools and assault".

Now, given the more serious charge, he faces life imprisonment.