New Castlevania Game Announced by Konami

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Konami hasn't exactly been winning over its gaming fans as of late.

Now the company has announced a new project, this time in the long-running Castlevania franchise. They've announced that they're developing a new Castlevania game called Grimoire of Souls, but it's a mobile-only game that's only been announced for Japan so far.

At this point we'd be shocked if Konami ever committed to making another big, or even medium, budget Castlevania game on consoles. Aside from being able to play as other characters from the series, it will support multiplayer, as well as include various features like the ability to revive fallen allies, four-player co-op boss rush, a four-vs. -four competitive mode and collectible music from the series. In addition, item pick-ups seem to be taking place over the course of the game, which could suggest that it's set on a free-to-play basis, with the possibility of microtransactions.

We translated the page and found the following details regarding Grimoire of Souls.

A future where Count Dracula has been completely destroyed. It seemed like eternal peace had come to the world.

However, a single letter delivered to Genya Arikado tried to put an end to that peaceful era. Grimoire of Souls will feature Genya Arikado as its protagonist as he attempts to stop Dracula from resurrecting into the mortal realm yet again.

An exhilarating battle where you can enjoy combat with up to 4 people! Strengthen your favorite character and take on the powerful enemies that block your path forward!

The main characters are Genya Airkado from Aria Of Sorrow and Lucy, who we think is new.

Underneath the unfocused, ramshackle design decisions and incomprehensible story there's a decent action game - but how much of it you're willing to endure for closure depends on how deeply entrenched you are into Lords of Shadow's lore.