NBA Playgrounds 2 - Debut Trailer

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One of the first things we wanted to do with the sequel was to expand online play.

As you get better and win more matches, you'll climb the online ladder and gain access to higher ranking divisions.

Players will know how they stack up against their opponents online and will acquire skills as they progress, with both co-op and solo leagues featured. As the press release reads, NBA Playgrounds 2 will raise the intensity of the series' over-the-top, two-on-two street action with a new line-up of online and local multiplayer game modes, as well as new courts from playgrounds across the world.

The game will also usher in Season Mode, which is a new single player experience, which Saber Interactive says is aimed at recreating the feel of the NBA Season and Playoffs in hopes of making a championship run.

The team also developed a new Season Mode for the game.

Enjoy the first screenshots and the game's debut trailer below! From there, the Championship should be just within reach. You'll also collect special players depending on the team you choose to play with. Other smaller tweaks include new power-ups, better AI, improved models and animations, and a roster of over 200 famous National Basketball Association players, current and retired. The developers have said there are fresh player and facial animations for added effect this time too. Today, Saber Interactive announced that they will be continuing the franchise this year with NBA Playgrounds 2. The game is coming PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch later this summer, so we should be seeing a lot more soon.