Man City escape transfer ban for Garre case

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Manchester City believe they have escaped a transfer ban by winning their case over the controversial signing of teenager Benjamin Garre.

Garre moved to the Etihad Stadium in 2016, but the Argentine club filed a complaint with Federation Internationale de Football Association in the September of that year, claiming City broke transfer regulations on approaching under-age players.

However, Fifa have backed City and ratified the transfer, upholding their claim that Garre was free to join the club after his 16th birthday because he holds an Italian passport.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) are set to release a verdict in the coming days and it is understood that City were given indication on Tuesday morning that they had won.

Regulations dictate that clubs within the European Union (EU) are not allowed to sign player from outside under the age of 18 - this can of course be sidestepped if the player's family relocates as was the case when Barcelona signed a 13-year-old Lionel Messi in 2000. Benjamin Garre (standing) in action for Man City academy team.

Premier League champions Manchester City are likely to try to improve further in the next transfer window, but according to a new report, they might be slapped with a major transfer ban, which would stop Pep Guardiola from strengthening his squad. The court will publish the reasoned verdict on Friday. Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid have all been subjected to such bans in recent seasons after being found guilty of breaching the rules surrounding the signing of global players under 18.

"We're angry because City came after our player, we said no and they took him anyway", declared Velez club secretary Bernardo Bertelloni previous year.

"He (Garre) left here a couple of days before his 16th birthday, he spent a few days in Germany and he entered England one day after his 16th birthday".

City insist that they acted within the rules but if found guilty it could throw Pep Guardiola's summer transfer plans into disarray.

The Premier League club robustly defended their position.

If City lose the case, they could be hit with a two-window transfer ban that would not allow them to sign players until January 2019.