Iranian FM criticizes British counterpart over Syrian strike

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Lebanese media outlets associated with Hezbollah said that the explosions were the result of an "internal accident", and that no one had been killed, as personnel had been evacuated in anticipation of an attack by Western powers on Syrian military targets - an attack that materialized earlier Saturday morning, when over 100 missiles were fired at targets in Syria by U.S., British and French forces.

Iran's leaders vowed retaliation for the attack, but did nothing; they understand very well that the situation in Syria could become even uglier, and they would pay a heavy price.

"I clearly declare that the USA president, the French president and the United Kingdom prime minister are criminals and have committed a crime", the Leader said on Saturday. "They will gain no benefit; just as they did not while in Iraq, Syria & Afghanistan, over the past years, committing the same criminal acts".

"They have accused us of attacking Iranian targets and killing their people", he said.

Putin similarly said the airstrikes violated global law.

Strikes on Syria will exacerbate humanitarian catastrophe in the country, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on April 14 in his first public speech following the military actions.

When asked whether Russian Federation was prepared to work with the proposals of Western countries at the United Nations, Ryabkov told TASS news agency: "We will work calmly, methodically and professionally, using all opportunities to remove the situation from its current extremely risky political peak".

The paper added that Russian Federation, after the tripartite aggression, would provide Syria with more sophisticated air defense systems, considering that this would threaten the Zionist warplanes flying over Lebanon.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also spoke with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday and emphasised that the steps made by United States and its allies grossly breach the UN Charter and principles of worldwide law. It fears Iran could use Syrian territory to stage attacks or form a land corridor from Iran to Lebanon that could allow it to transfer weapons more easily to Hezbollah.

A large volume of high-resolution photos and video from Douma, taken in the aftermath of the attack, document victims suffering from severe disruption to the central nervous systems, consistent with exposure to chemical agents.

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