God of War PS4 Nearly Featured Kratos Without His Son Atreus

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Lets be honest, the new game is gonna sell a bucket load, so it only makes sense to release a God of War Collection sooner or later.

In short, it was brilliant - only falling off the deep end in God of War 3, where it was clear Kratos had devolved into a raging a-hole that would destroy everything, friend and foe alike. According to the game's director Cory Barlog, the game nearly did not feature Kratos' son, Atreus, at all.

Literally created to star in a series of titles that could be called Macho Bullsh*t: The Game, rattling through God of War was a glorious blur of ripped torsos, severed limbs, gushings of claret and a late 90s wrestling approach to dialogue. The early phase when they told me, "Man, this might be too hard, too expensive, we're already looking at so many challenges, it's maybe too much". However, he admitted that the game would have turned out to be a very different game if that had happened.

The only "extra" concerns the photo mode, not yet present, but that should arrive as a free update in the coming weeks, although Cory has not yet confirmed anything about it, but is interested to insert the Photo Mode in God of War.

In addition, Rob Davis, the game's lead level designer, revealed that having Atreus opens up more possibilities in regards to storytelling and gameplay, which allows for an 'odd couple relationship'.