Former first lady Barbara Bush in failing health

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Former first lady Barbara Bush is a fighter - and she'll continue to persevere. with her bourbon.

Barbara is now in Texas spending time with her family. She took on literacy as her cause while she was First Lady because of her grandson's difficulty with it.

Bush was born in 1925 in New York City, but was raised in Westchester County. She later admitted that she had chosen them to hide her neck wrinkles and a version was made available for $125 at Texas A&M University.

Bush is known for her white hair and her triple-strand fake pearl necklace.

Many politicians, including Mitt Romney, say they are praying for the Bush Family and recalled the former First Lady's grace, strength, faith and love of country. Barbara Bush and her husband, the former president, have been holding hands when he is by her bedside, the family spokesman said. Former News 9 reporter Deborah Lauren has the story.

The 36-year-old Bush Hager told the "Today" show cast that her grandmother is in "great spirits", adding, "She is the best grandma anybody could have ever had - or have".

"We're grateful for her, for everybody's prayers and thoughts, and just know the world is better because she is in it", Hager said.

Barbara Bush is spending her time surrounded by people she loves, drinking bourbon, and we love her for that. "Bush, now age 92 has decided not to seek additional medical treatment and will instead focus on comfort care". Bush. The foundation shared the page on its Twitter account Tuesday morning.