Conchita Wurst reveals HIV status

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"In the future, I don't want to give anyone the right to cause me pain and influence my life in that way". The singer revealed she has HIV on Instagram.

Speaking frankly about living with the condition, Conchita said: "Since I received the diagnosis, I am in medical treatment, and for many years without interruption under the detection limit, so that I am not able to pass on the virus".

Wurst wrote: "I have been HIV-positive for many years".

"I did not want to go public with it for a couple of reasons, two of which I will mention here: the most important one was my family, who have known and supported me unconditionally since day one".

She said she had made a decision to come out with the news herself before her friend did.

"I believe that this information is primarily relevant to those with whom I have had sexual contact", she remarked in her caption. Until relatively recently contracting the HIV virus was widely regarded as deadly, as the infection would progress to acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), undermining patients' ability to fight off disease.

As HIV is highly virulent, many campaigns and prevention treatments have been developed for many years in an attempt to reduce the statistics of transmissions.

Ultimately, Conchita wrote that she chose to open up about having HIV publicly before she was outed to retain ownership of her own narrative, but also to break down the stigma surrounding HIV.

Therefore, it can be possible for an infected person to maintain a sexual relationship without transmitting the virus, as there would be a negligible amount of HIV present in the seminal fluid or vaginal secretions.

"Coming out is better than being outed by someone else".

"I hope to give others courage and to take another step against the stigmatization of people who, through their own behavior or that of others, have become infected with HIV", she added. It's unfortunate that she had to share her message under apparent threat of blackmail, but now that she's shared it, Conchita is making a powerful statement.

"You are a referent to a lot of people, some of them are very young and live in fear, but today you have changed thousands of lives being courageous, fighting the blackmail and rising once again full of light", claimed a social media user. I'm well and well, and I'm stronger, more motivated and liberated than ever.

"But I'm grateful that already she is seizing the opportunity to dispel ignorance & fear by affirming that HIV undetectable = untransmittable", Hodson added.