Community forum tonight on fate of Cortland, Virgil schools

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During their April 10 regular meeting, the board of trustees for the School District of Mystery Lake examined what they could be doing to better connect with members of the public.

The board meeting is set for Thursday at 6:30 the secondary center media room, and the press conference set for 4:15 p.m. Wednesday in the same location.

Such a model would have advantages, the district says, by allowing more collaboration between teachers as well as increased transportation flexibility.

Public high schools can not get the amounts of money from sponsorships that universities do, though, he said, because much of the university sponsorships are through alumni networks. "Having a school resource officer in the buildings has a number of benefits". Few school districts embark on a project of major scope without facing a degree of opposition along the way. "So just the building of that environmental consciousness at a young age I think will help tremendously with these students". The finalists for Nelson County Schools superintendent are Hamby, superintendent of Trigg County Schools; Wes Bradley, principal of Thomas Nelson High School, and Chuck Abell, assistant superintendent of Spencer County Schools. The original plan was to reduce 23 programs from two-year programs to one-year programs.

School Board Tom Marshall (Leesburg), a member of the ad hoc committee on the Academies of Loudoun, said the first step should be repairing the relationship between central office administration and teachers.

Marchese said that an expenditure in the range of $116 million not only provides for larger classrooms, on average, but it also opens up the common spaces-the gymnasium, auditorium, cafeteria, and library-to ensure that those spaces are large enough to accommodate some growth in enrollment.

The board reviewed the credentials of 16 applicants, narrowing down a list of eight semi-finalists, who were interviewed March 19-20.

In December, parents objected to a proposal that would have had special education students start middle school one year early.

"We're still struggling with the ramifications of those decisions", Marchese said. The district has put a big emphasis on the literacy aspect.

Rogers said even though district voters have demonstrated a willingness to pay for public education with their tax money by voting for bond packages, an increase in taxes collected doesn't translate to an increase in revenue.

Echoing Wood's point about making this a long-term solution for the district, school board member Bonnie Wolff said, "Short-sighted planning is going to cost the taxpayers more". "It looks like overall the information I've been given is that some schools will have to close".

The district will also be paying off debt in upcoming years, which will cut the amount it now has to pay for debt service, he said.

But enrollment has leveled off around the 690 mark since 2015, after more than a decade of steady decline, according to district figures.

In an email statement, Superintendent Paul Schley said this is the seventh year in a row the elementary school was given this honor and the second consecutive year the middle school has been honored.